A Breakthrough in Medicine for treating
major depression & anxiety without side effects

Our invention

Brainfulness is built upon a game changing technology.

Our scientists developed “a beautiful example of complexity in simple embodiment” as professor Richard Fineman, noble price winner in physics, phrased it.

Brainfulness engineers have created a unique device, with sophisticated operating software programs. The device sends unique pulses to particular centers of the brain in different modalities, like speed and density according to the needs of the patient.

Our device does not cause any side effects.

According to the WHO approximately 280 million people in the Western World are suffering from major depression. This epidemic is increasing in the rate of 15% per year.

Competitive Technologies

  • Medication – chemistry
  • Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT)
  • Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deep TMS)

The above treatments are working on the brain in a BRUTE FORCE manner causing a lot of undesired side effects. This is why 25% of the patients are not using them.

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Brainfulness scientists have changed the paradigm of how to treat major depression.

Their paper was currently published in “Depression and Anxiety”, the official journal of the American Association of Depression and Anxiety.  Years of research brought the scientists to create a new theory in brain diseases treatment, based upon a game changing paradigm, of teaching the brain a new language helping it to overcome major depression symptoms.

All the results of this research are included in the article written by Brainfulness scientists.

Clinical Trial

Hundred patients took part in the Clinical trial. Doctor Gregory Katz, The Psychiatrist , has made a screening of all the patients and choose from them those who were in the worse condition namely, patients who were treated by medications, TMS and ECT treatments that did not help them at all and caused them severe side effects. This group took part in the trail of our device, most of patients got encouraging results without any side effects.

Taking into consideration the severe condition of the patients the significance of the results as well as the stability of the affect throughout the treatment exceeded the expectation of the researchers. High level of safety with no side effects, amplifies enthusiastic attitude toward the new approach in dealing with one of the most serious medical and social problems of treating depression and anxiety.

As it can be seen in the following graphs there are dual positive effects:

  • Immediate effect after each treatment.
  • Accumulative effect during the period of 8 weeks of the research 

The Market

The market potential is app: 280 million patients suffering from major depression 70 million of them do not get any remedy because side effects or inefficacy Brainfulness customers are patients who got read from medication ,electricity and magnetic field treatments because of side effects or inefficacy.

Patent registered

We have registered patents in USA, Israel, Germany and Japan

Certificate Israeli MoH

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Safe and easy to use

Thanks to its compact, lightweight shape, you can treat yourselves anytime and anywhere!

Non-invasive, No Side-effects

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