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Millions of people worldwide suffer with mental disorders and chronic illnesses. In the last few years, the world has been determined to find ways to improve their mental state. What if one day you woke up and knew you had the ability and chance to make a change in this world? To better a friend, a family member, neighbor, or better yet, yourself. The chance to improve your well being and others around you. With the advantages and access of modern science and technology, Brainfullness is an innovation that aims to improve ones mental health and ability to overcome mental struggles and better yet, the opportunity to live without medications.

Brainfulness is a low-cost innovative non-invasive device for home treatment of major depression and chronic anxiety.

Brainfulness is state of the art and cost effective, to be used in the multi-billion anti-depression market

Brainfulness is based on Repetitive Triggered Somatosensory Discrimination (RTSD) technology giving therapeutic solution to brain diseases.


View our FundIt page and help us improve patient quality of life by using our patented and proven technology and create a hand-held device that eliminate any side effects of todays available treatments, like anti-depressants and electro-magnetic therapy’s